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Language Exchange Experience 630 Euros for a month in Taipei City

An Italian guy learning Chinese by his own study schedule



Hi, i'm Andrea, a 22 years old guy from Italy. Since i was terrified by the Chinese

exams I had to take on June i spent 34 days in Taipei in order to improve my Chinese.



Where to Meet People?

When i arrived i didn't have any contact in the city, thanks god Cindy, the owner of

Ximen Leopard Garden Hostel, the hostel i was staying at, suggested me to publish an


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And so i did, i wrote on the website that i was willing to give out Italian lessons for

free in exchange for 1 hour of discussion in Chinese Lesson.

It was a great idea: since that day lots of people have been writing emails to me, and i

had no trouble at filling all of my days.

I usually gave two lessons per day, and in a while my Chinese had a huge increase in




How much did i cost for all?

I thought it would have cost me a lot going out every day, stopping at pubs, cafè and

restaurants with Taiwanese friends to take my lesson, but surprisingly staying in

Taipei resulted in being quite inexpensive to me: besides paying 330 Euros for a stay

of 34 nights at my hostel i only had to pay 300 Euros to eat out every day (which is

almost cheaper than cooking for yourself!) and taking cappuccinos or beers with my




My one month for stay in Taiwan The Total Cost:


  1. 330 Euros Accommodation for 34 nights staying Leopard Garden Hostel *34
  2. 300 Euros for eat and every day foods

=630 Euro


I had the possibility to improve my Chinese while having fun on a wonderful trip,


i couldn't expect something better than that!




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Taipei Ximen,Leopard Garden Apartments

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Mobile:+886-938333449  Cindy